DIY ✎ Customize fabrics – Personnaliser ses tissus

Il y a quelques jours quelqu’un m’a passé une commande pour un petit sarouel rouge. Je me suis donc mise en quête d’un joli tissu stretch rouge avec un motif sympa dans ma boutique locale… Et bien j’ai fait une bredouille, j’ai donc dû changer de stratégie pour que ce petit bout de chou ait […]

Des petits cadres pour décorer la chambre de bébé ✎ Some small frames to decorate baby’s bedroom

Voici quelques photos de peintures que j’ai faites cette semaine et encadrées pour mettre dans la chambre de bébé. Les cadres viennent de chez Ikea, je les ai juste personnalisés avec des Minimos faits en Fimo. Here are a few pictures of paintings I have made and framed for baby’s bedroom. The frames come from […]

Another crazy visit !

Diego was here for a week, we used to live together back in the uni days, he is like my little brother ! He just left and at this time he is probably waiting for his Bristol plane at the airport, boohoo ! It was great to have him, it was so long since we […]

Chaud ou Froid

A last post before we go to the UK with Callixte. And that would be two more pieces from yesterday experimentations, both of them are cotton fabric painted and then exposed with cyanotype… I am looking forward to produce more samples but the next days will be dedicated to capture more images in the sunny […]


Cyanotypes… The only test piece that came out OK of the experiments I tried yesterday. Painted fabric as been used with an enlarged (digitally) Black Bird Fly negative. Four more tests are in the process, let’s hope they will work out. My biggest challenge right now is to make the cyanotype stick and reveal on […]