Is Banksy French ?

I was reading a French article about how Banksy could well be Mr Brainwash and that reminded me of this wall I shot a while ago in Menilmontant… (some other articles about Mr Brainwash and Banksy in English here and here) I am pretty sure I also came across this collage in the past, I believe […]


Cyanotypes… The only test piece that came out OK of the experiments I tried yesterday. Painted fabric as been used with an enlarged (digitally) Black Bird Fly negative. Four more tests are in the process, let’s hope they will work out. My biggest challenge right now is to make the cyanotype stick and reveal on […]

Allier deux passions

I tried a new experiment yesterday and that is cyanotype print on fabric. I had no idea how it would turn out, but in the end I am very VERY happy of the results ! This is really inspiring, I want to try so many things now ! It really brings together my two passions […]

Inspiration, come and find me…

I have felt very unhappy with my personal photography recently, I guess things are changing a lot since I am taking photography full time as a job and it is difficult to practice professionally as well as to relax myself… I am not saying I don’t like the pictures my clients get (that you can […]