Good news !!

I feel like taking pictures again… So maybe a bit less amigurumi in the next weeks (although I will finish the pig and post the pictures…) J’ai de nouveau envie de faire des photos… Donc il y aura sans doute moins d’amigurumi dans les prochaines semaines (bien sûr je vais finir le p’tit cochon et […]

Ouistiti !

Bon alors je ne poste pas beaucoup en ce moment parce qu’en fait je cours beaucoup et du coup je n’ai pas vraiment le temps de faire de nouvelles créations. Balthazar n’a toujours qu’une tête d’ailleurs, mais aujourd’hui et demain je dois vraiment l’avancer ! Par contre je vais quand même vous montrer un petit […]

Chaud ou Froid

A last post before we go to the UK with Callixte. And that would be two more pieces from yesterday experimentations, both of them are cotton fabric painted and then exposed with cyanotype… I am looking forward to produce more samples but the next days will be dedicated to capture more images in the sunny […]

It worked !

First cyanotype on fusible : Premier cyanotype sur du thermocollant : scan photo And no I won’t stick it, I like it as it is… But I have another test that I will stick to see the results. Et non je ne vais pas le coller je l’aime tel quel… Par contre j’ai un autre […]


Cyanotypes… The only test piece that came out OK of the experiments I tried yesterday. Painted fabric as been used with an enlarged (digitally) Black Bird Fly negative. Four more tests are in the process, let’s hope they will work out. My biggest challenge right now is to make the cyanotype stick and reveal on […]

Allier deux passions

I tried a new experiment yesterday and that is cyanotype print on fabric. I had no idea how it would turn out, but in the end I am very VERY happy of the results ! This is really inspiring, I want to try so many things now ! It really brings together my two passions […]

Experimentation Sunday

So yesterday I tried something Callixte has been doing for years which is cyanotype, it was really fun and unexpected. I will do some more soon ! Here is a test for you to see. I might experiment a bit more with it tonight, in order to change the colour. Donc hier j’ai essayé de […]


My friend, Camille Le Doze, a ceramicist, called me last week asking me if I could take a few photographs of her pieces before they get sold. I never really did still life but I thought why not give it a go… So we spent yesterday afternoon trying to capture the essence of her creations. […]

Cultural Insight

Since it’s been a week without news I decided to give you a brief update of what is going on in my life and what happened in the last seven days. Amit, a friend from the UK came to visit us and spent 5 days in Paris. I didn’t get much time to work or […]