Experiment succeeded

I guess it is difficult  for me to get out whilst it is sunny outside now it is winter and the night falls so early (and I get up well late, take my time living…). Anyway on a walk out at La Villette with Amit I found myself stuck with a 200ISO film in my camera and the night already falling… So I tried pushing it to 400ISO. This is all new to me since I never tried doing this before. I developed the film with some standard Rodinal and left it a bit longer. God I was scared of what I would get… But in the end I think it is one of my best roll for a long time. Youpie !

P.S. : I might just not be so fussy about my pictures today…

P.P.S. : As for my arty research not much going on this side, just reading bits and pieces here and there…


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