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Since it’s been a week without news I decided to give you a brief update of what is going on in my life and what happened in the last seven days. Amit, a friend from the UK came to visit us and spent 5 days in Paris. I didn’t get much time to work or carry on my artistic study but nevertheless I have been inspired by an exhibition I saw at the MEP; Delpire & Cie.

I would strongly recommend to go and see it since it obviously covers a lot of the photography history and masters of it as well as children illustration. Unsurprisingly there were also a few pieces of Sarah Moon (her Cacharel work as well as some of her work based on children tales), I discovered her a while ago, but like for Francesca Woodman it stroke me differently this time…

© Sarah Moon

Now Amit left this afternoon, so tomorrow I will get out the five books we have of her and start studying in more depth her work… I also got an excellent book from the Merle Moqueur (the art bookshop of the 104) about art and feminism that I intend to dig in the next few days… I don’t know where these searches will lead me, if anywhere, I will keep updating this space so it might turn into an artistic approach/process/search/quest diary.


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