My neighbours the Totoros

The latest three amigurumis I made… Unfortunately they all left me already, I am guessing they are having fun somewhere in North of Brittany right now ! Les derniers trois amigurumis que j’ai fait… Malheureusement ils m’ont déjà quitté, je présume qu’ils sont en ce moment même en train de s’amuser dans le nord de […]

Am stram gram et Abraham

Here he is !! Just finished him last night and I can tell you this one is a party animal, he just loves to dance, no surprise there since he is a T-Birds like Danny 😉 Again he is made of a mix of cotton/seacell and he is wearing a lycra leather patched jacket with […]

Experimentation Sunday

So yesterday I tried something Callixte has been doing for years which is cyanotype, it was really fun and unexpected. I will do some more soon ! Here is a test for you to see. I might experiment a bit more with it tonight, in order to change the colour. Donc hier j’ai essayé de […]