Is Banksy French ?

I was reading a French article about how Banksy could well be Mr Brainwash and that reminded me of this wall I shot a while ago in Menilmontant… (some other articles about Mr Brainwash and Banksy in English here and here) I am pretty sure I also came across this collage in the past, I believe […]

The end of an era…

Here are five pictures taken a few weeks ago at Beaugrenelle, a very peculiar district which is going through massive renovation… Cinq photos prises il y a quelques semaines à Beaugrenelle, un quartier très particulier du 15ème arrondissement de Paris en pleine rénovation…

A useless post just to say it’s snowing !!!!

Wooohoooo !! It won’t be so much fun if I fall down later on today. But it’s the perfect day since I am going to see the Nutcracker ballet tonight, christmas spirit ! It is driving my cat crazy, so much snowflakes she would like to play with… I will update this blog in the […]


My friend, Camille Le Doze, a ceramicist, called me last week asking me if I could take a few photographs of her pieces before they get sold. I never really did still life but I thought why not give it a go… So we spent yesterday afternoon trying to capture the essence of her creations. […]