Prochain sur la liste ?

Since I was having a conversation with my small Colombian brother, Diego, about who I should make next and did a quick sketch of the little fellow that I scanned, I though I might as well post it here… So here is a quick sketch of Albert, that might come to life (or not) soon ! Donc […]

Meet Nelson

So as mentioned yesterday here is a formal introduction of the little monkey you met briefly yesterday. His name is Nelson and he is made of a mix of cotton and linen. He is the first Amigurumi I ever finish (I started a little chick a few years ago but never bothered to finish it […]

Chaud ou Froid

A last post before we go to the UK with Callixte. And that would be two more pieces from yesterday experimentations, both of them are cotton fabric painted and then exposed with cyanotype… I am looking forward to produce more samples but the next days will be dedicated to capture more images in the sunny […]

It worked !

First cyanotype on fusible : Premier cyanotype sur du thermocollant : scan photo And no I won’t stick it, I like it as it is… But I have another test that I will stick to see the results. Et non je ne vais pas le coller je l’aime tel quel… Par contre j’ai un autre […]


Cyanotypes… The only test piece that came out OK of the experiments I tried yesterday. Painted fabric as been used with an enlarged (digitally) Black Bird Fly negative. Four more tests are in the process, let’s hope they will work out. My biggest challenge right now is to make the cyanotype stick and reveal on […]

New collar for the cold days…

Aujourd’hui j’ai pris le temps de photographier mon nouveau col (snood) (fini hier) inspiré (fortement) de ce patron, merci à Knit Spirit pour ses supers tutos et patron qui m’ont permis d’apprendre à tricoter avec des aiguilles circulaires (chose que je voulais faire depuis longtemps). Today I managed to take the time to photograph my […]

Allier deux passions

I tried a new experiment yesterday and that is cyanotype print on fabric. I had no idea how it would turn out, but in the end I am very VERY happy of the results ! This is really inspiring, I want to try so many things now ! It really brings together my two passions […]

Hands at work

Petit aperçu de ma dernière création… Pour faire suite à la grande mode des bonnets/berets, voici la première partie de la parure finie… As it is really fashionable right now, I couldn’t resist making a handmade beret… First part of the set, soon more… P.S. : Enjoy the dirty bathroom mirror with the duck toothbrush […]