Bonne année 2011, Happy new year 2011

I would like to wish you all a very happy new year ! You won’t see me much around as I have to stay in bed for the next month or so… Nevermind for all the ideas I still wanted to do before our baby arrived… Je voulais vous souhaiter à tous une très bonne […]

A Scribble

to give you an idea of what Cleobald the rhinoceros will look like… And for once I will have space to work, we have tidied up the desk, woohoo ! Let’s hope it will last… Un petit gribouilli pour vous donner une idée de quoi aura l’air Cleobald le rhinoceros… Et pour une fois j’aurai […]

Jam Obsession

Donc un nouveau weekend confiture et cette fois-ci j’ai testé la confiture mangue gingembre cannelle… Et c’est un délice, je vous parle même pas des yaourts que j’ai fait avec… Après avoir donné quelques pots, voici ce qu’il me reste (certains pots sont déjà réservés…) So this weekend was another jam weekend and this time […]

Cooking Saturday

I made some delicious jam yesterday : apple-kiwis, yummy. I also had a laugh and branded the jar with funny labels featuring Cosmopat as a chef, an example below. J’ai fait de la confiture délicieuse hier : pommes-kiwis, miam. Je me suis aussi bien marrée à faire des étiquettes à l’effigie de Cosmopat chef, un […]

At least one is enjoying the situation…

Staying in bed in front of cartoons all day, my cat, Cosmopat is surely not complaining ! She is loving every single minute of it… As for myself, I am a bit bored but I am still too tired to do anything or go outside… Fingers crossed it’s a matter of hours now, I’ve started […]

Ready for the future !!!!

All the best for you guys ! P.S. : We are still waiting for flying cars, tele-transportation, the end of money, domestic robots (although we now have a roomba hoover, already the beginning of a new era for us) and so forth ! And in French :