Inspiration, come and find me…

I have felt very unhappy with my personal photography recently, I guess things are changing a lot since I am taking photography full time as a job and it is difficult to practice professionally as well as to relax myself…

I am not saying I don’t like the pictures my clients get (that you can find here :, fortunately enough, I understand they are really happy with them and therefore I am happy. But I kind of feel lost as to the directions of my personal photography should take. I guess the only picture I quite like at the moment is this one :

So I will try to bear this one in mind from now on… Fingers crossed I will produce some other images I like, cause one in a roll is fairly poor (and I will rapidly be poor developping the films to get the one each time !).

And two posts in a day ! That’s motivation ! I guess I should advertise this blog now, it starts to be a bit hectic ! I might wait a bit just to make sure I stick to this rhythm…


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