And so I haven’t kept my promise and I haven’t uploaded every day, I have a very good excuse but I won’t share it with you it is too personal… I will just try to express how I feel, with a pricture and with words.

I guess I am tired, depressed and I wish I could just carry on living these next 48 hours in my dreams just so I don’t have to face the fact of thinking. But most of all I am sick of having to wait for an ending that will change everything. I feel powerless. I don’t want to do anything to change my mind, I comply myself within my misery. And the worst thing is I expect nothing good will come out of this…

I am probably talking Chinese to you and you’re thinking what the hell is she talking about, well it doesn’t really matter… It could be a sad story and I don’t want to ruin your day, it could also be a great story, this is all part of the suspense that I can’t bear living anymore… I guess it is time to stop being so mysterious, I have tried to pick up an image motionless, maybe a tiny bit optimist because I should still be, but also sad. And that would be the note of the day (that I might delete if I realize it is still too personal).



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  1. Et un gros bisou ça aide?

    Pas mal le blog en anglais je travaille la matière comme ça!

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