Pushing oneself

One of the reason I decided to go freelance  was to also pursue various personal projects that I left for years… I found it very hard to actually take the time to develop old ideas and beliefs I had. In all honesty I guess it was also brain moving and I couldn’t be bothered. I recently met a few people that talked to me about various artists that could interest me  or even shared various methodologies in order to help oneself developing a personal project. I guess the first step, and the catalyst in my situation was a project we did with a friend, really it was more a laugh and a brainstorm than anything else but I did enjoy the time we spent together trying to setup a series of pictures and I do feel I should be rigourous enough to do it on my own with a subject that matters to me. So this morning I spent a couple of hours researching the web, it was weird, I am picking up a subject I left 3 years ago. My approach is different, my feeling towards it have changed but nevertheless I am still very interested in identity… Anyway we will see where this will lead. I am feeling a bit down at the moment and this could be a rather good therapy for me. I am not sure you will get to see any images concerning this personal project for quite some time but until then here is a picture from the photoshoot we had last week with Antoine.


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  1. anytime you feel the need for a producer/shooting partner, give me a shout;-)

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