Ready or not ?!?

I have been willing to go back to dancing for ages but as I am well lazy I never acted on it… I practiced ballet from age 4 until 17 but I surely cannot see myself going back to it. I stopped Modern Jazz about 6 years ago and I guess this is what I miss the most. Three years ago I decided to undertake Capoeira and Salsa to feed my needs and stopped after a year, I moved out and to be honest I simply could not be bothered to find another school etc… So this week I am going to check out classes for both Modern Jazz and Capoeira, see what it’s like in Paris. I am well afraid, since I am probably gonna be crap and I guess a 27th years old body is not as fit as a six years younger body… Oh well, we’ll see, wish me luck cause going to a new school (big) is well scary, I don’t enjoy these type of experiences…


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