To buy or not to buy ?

People that know me will know my taste for high tech (or not) thingy more or less related to : (do not circle the right answer)

a) iMac

b) cameras

c) images in general

d) fabrics and textiles in general

e) shoes

f) haircuts

So what does she want now you might say ? Did she not say she would stop this buying fever when she will be freelance ? Well first of all I am not yet freelance, since I am lazy and I have still not fill out the one form that will enroll me and secondly I have emotional needs that are not fulfilled so let’s find some way to compensate… And the result is : I am thinking of getting a pen tablet, technically I have no proper needs, presumably I will be shit at it (first tries on an old Wacom were a bit of a disaster) but nevertheless I am tempted to get a not too expensive bamboo one…

P.S. : I cannot believe how much I have to say this early in the morning, I might be possessed…


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