Cameras not allowed

Since it can be forbidden to take pictures during concerts, I get tired of being asked to leave my DSLR at the entrance especially when I see dozens of people in the room flashing away with their compact cameras or even worst camera phones… So now, every now and then, I tend to take my worst looking camera with me, the one all in plastic with no flash that doormen cannot suspect of taking pictures. Well actually it’s a fact, I have been searched many times and they never even asked if it was a camera, well it is not silver, you can’t see a screen at the back so they must be right… The problem is I took a break from black and white films about a year ago and since my developing tank is made for three films, the film of the Arthur H concert has been sitting in the fridge for nearly a year now… Nevertheless, Callixte ended up processing it last night and so here are a couple of shots taken with the Lomo Smena, Cosmic Symbol nealy a year ago… The film used is a classic Ilford HP5, I tried concert shots with this camera a while ago with an FP4 (125 iso), so I renewed the experience with a more sensitive film…

I like them !


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